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Typical Testimonial

"......A lot of other tuners you will find reluctant to do it over the internet, especially on advanced ecus like Syvecs, but with Peter, I never had to worry, as he always does it with utmost diligence.

Mostly, once you talk to him, you can easily understand that he is not your run of the mill, high school dropout ‘tuner’. He is an intellectual guy who knows the technical side of stuff very well. 

I personally, cant utilise any other tuner, as I have seen my share of tuners from all over the world and no one comes close to him frankly."



Life Racing & Syvecs Electronics, calibrated to the highest tollerances, Port + Direct Injection, NA and Turbocharged, Ve modeling expertise with full engine flow analysis and zero guess work, supporting workshops and individuals.

Specializing in calibration, training, and on-going engineering support for ANY (reciprocating or rotary) engine application, Full Gearbox, Traction, Knock Control, GPS, and bespoke display/logger + Analysis set up/experience and much much more!.

NO Face-ARSE-book hype "promising you the world and delivering you an Atlas"  RICE RACING is the one they all turn too. WHY? well there is No snake oil pay to play 1 week courses with "toilet paper worthy" certifications, just cars that run as they should, so when you are sick of the rest choose the best!


Got a project build you need help on? Correct set up advice, parts selection, ECU tuning (scientific engine calibration), The highest level of support.

For Project Consultancy P&A >  EMAIL TODAY!

^ The worlds best true street RX7  "Faster than a Ferrari F40? Zonda? ZR1 Vette? = yes!!!"

All on pump petrol *NEW* RRWEP140 water injection

"The leader in proven performance upgrades, testing, and analysis"

   Rice Racing ROTARY ENGINE and TURBOCHARGED engine development, combining the best equipment with all round qualified experience.

Services: (CLICK ON LINKS below)

 Email: peter@riceracing.com.au

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