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My Mitsubishi EVO X SST

Rice Racing Story - As Told by 'TOP GUN' Justin


" A few months ago I was at a cross roads with this car, I previously ran a standard ECU with a flash tune and had not so good an outcome as many modified car owners can relate when trying to do this. Sure you can make power maybe once or twice but its random and not a long term proposition as I found out.

I did some searching and found out about Peter (thanks Nathan at RPM, who is the true SST donmega !) he put me onto him as the only man who is capable/proven to deliver results on the Syvecs ECU platform. I reach around to him and it was a pleasurable experience, I would like to share here. It is always a worry if or how to trust someone is capable to do this quality computer from the other side of the world via the internet only no dyno either ! but I put my trust in these people and it was best thing I ever did.

We start out by defining my whole project and how best for me to get there, this is what is so good about RICE RACING, its not some BS on Arsebook !@ but rather qualified turbo engine specialist who knows this and how to do it, he suggested water injection and with my own ideas on parts I wanted to run he just made it all work perfectly. Spent correct time to make sure everything was tested and set up, full configuration and analysis that is hard for me to write here but I never seen anything like it, amazing the results speak for themselves. This is all on standard pump petrol/gasoline so I can drive it anywhere anytime and be ready to molest any challengers - no excuses ! "

Oh and did I say it equals the acceleration or betters many of my dream super cars of similar era, love this car and what it has proven to do with durability. RICE RACING FTW ! forgot to mention, we run at my local track where there is no preparation and also I use Bridgestone RE71 road tire at 30psi no weight taken out its 1680kg as run ! Next step I need GPS system as too much power spinning all 4 wheels to run traction control :) "

Real World Power & Performance !

Real World Proven Durability !

1/4 mile in 9.879 seconds @ 143.76mph !


^ 100kph to 200kph traction limited 4.589 seconds ! ^

^ 100kph to 200kph stock 2lt 19.4 seconds ! ^

Keep in mind, no 'Yak Semen' sprayed on track, no 'funny' tires, no 'tin can' Jenny Craig weight loss mods required to perform, No 'MAD MAX' E85 fuel drums !

^ 100% Road Car, *latest is 10.417 sec @ 144.12mph* ^ Ready to hand out the molestation, anywhere, anytime !

^ some context helps ^

^ Showing the RR magic, no excuses of fuel type or full tank or surface or tires or pressure or head wind...... LOL Kuntz ! 'TOP GUN' ^

Pictures Click to View

Syvecs electronics integration (when only the best will do)

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