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My Mitsubishi EVOX

Rice Racing Story - As Told Mr T

"The Evo X is my fist project with Peter and Syvecs. This project was a long one because we went through many different mechanical setups. Initially we used the Syvecs s6 plus, but later upgraded to latest S7 plus. The car also went through many changes, first it ran without water injection and then with. Another big update was the engine, it went from a stock 2.0 to a fully built 2.2 stroker in the search for a greater power band.

We went through over 200! calibrations with this car. Amazing to me is that all of this was done remotely since the car in is located in Bangladesh. Speaking of Bangladesh, the fuel here is probably the worst in the world, and he still managed to get amazing performance from the car. Currently we are making 440bhp on stock frame turbo and fuel that is below 95RON octane rating. This is also being achieved without WI currently *amazing!*. The car makes full power from 5k to 8k rpm, and also holds a totally flat 25psi of boost across this range! One big reason why this power could be achieved on such poor quality pump fuel is because of his bespoke manufactured EGT probe setup. This provides vital data active live as a strategy into the Syvecs ECU, which allows ‘real time’ fine tuning for the knock control strategy. It is the best failsafe because it allows us to see what is exactly going on in the engine. He also setup retard and advance system on the knock control where based on fuel quality it will not only reduce, but also increase power when possible. 

The car is amazing! to drive and it is my daily. The 90-140 KPH time is around 3.35 seconds, which is great for an Evo X with a stockframe turbo (and very low fuel quality). I would highly recommend Peter to anyone who wants to do a project where both performance and safety is always maximized. Safety is a big factor, especially for daily drivers. Peter makes sure his setups are always capable to perform in all conditions and at all times."


90kph to 140kph in sub 3.5 seconds 3rd gear std power band test

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Syvecs electronics integration (when only the best will do)

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