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Sandy's Series VII

Rice Racing Story - As Told by Customer

"This was a basic car, not far from stock standard. I installed the first 3.5" twin tip 
SMB full exhaust system (Developed on request by me!) The car came with the dodgy tempe tyres rims, 
and lowered suspension on Kings springs. Pete at Rice Racing, tuned the Apexi PFC I installed. 

Unfortunately I didnt get to Dyno the car, however the power was greatly increased, and the
fuel efficiency was incredible.

In December 2005 the engine went bang. This was due to the lousy plastic factory AST 
letting go, and the engine overheating prior to me turning it off.

I then installed a Jap Import engine in February 2007 which lasted a whole 4.5kms! 
Never again will I install a second hand unknown timebomb engine!

I now have a Brand new Mazda Crate engine, and a multitude of parts being assembled. 
Pete at Rice Racing will shortly be building the engine, including some port work and 
race clearancing. I am still undecided on which turbo to install on the car, however 
the rest of the parts should make this toy a whole lot more interesting than when 
it left the factory...

I will give some updates and hopefully photos of the build over the next few months."

Pictures of Customer Car

Sandy's 1998 Series 7 Aus Spec RX7 at Wakefield Park 2 years ago!

With stock standard 130,000km old engine, running on dodgy 18" rims and tyres it managed a best time of 1:12.01 (Not driven by Sandy..as he is a damn wuss!)

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