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My Audi TT VR6T

Rice Racing Story - As Told by Eric

"   I spent the better part of 3 years building my 2008 Audi TT VR6 Turbo and finally wired in a Syvecs S6Plus. I had it running on the base map but needed some help to get a proper tune. Syvecs is very complex and not exactly user-friendly. Reading the Syvecs forums I saw Peter was already tuning a VR6 Turbo, I thought this would be a perfect fit and I was right. He was able to get me up and running properly in a short amount of time.  Within a week of contacting him, I was doing full-power runs.  He is super responsive and often gives me tune revisions the same day. He also facilitated an S7Plus upgrade, individual EGT's and an upgrade NTK O2 sensor. We were able to reach my goal of 724whp safely. I would recommend Peter to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable Syvecs/LifeRacing calibrator. "

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Syvecs electronics integration (when only the best will do)

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