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My Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

Rice Racing Story - As Told by Charles

"After having huge success with my FD3S, with Peter (Rice Racing), I had no hesitation in entrusting him  with my R34 GTR. We used the Syvecs S8 ecu and Peter did his magic! The car is now ridiculously fast, utilizing every bit of performance, yet, the safety margin is unparalleled.

Peter looks at the data like none other. Nothing skips his vigilant observations and it is reflected in his meticulous tunes and calibrations. For this reason, he can comfortably tune advanced ecus, like the Syvecs, from half way around the world and nail it!

He has tuned my R34 GTR with stock block, and now with the Tomei/OS Giken OS315 block. The car is smooth and super fast.

 I will surely entrust him to tune the rest of my cars without any hesitation. Top notch service."


"I am on the same boat as you. No engine builders, no performance shops or ANY tuner here. 

The work you see being done in the pics, is all being done at my home. The biggest peace of mind I had was that I never had to worry about the tuning part. Peter took care of it with ease. 

A lot of other tuners you will find reluctant to do it over the internet, especially on advanced ecus like Syvecs, but with Peter, I never had to worry, as he always does it with utmost diligence.

Mostly, once you talk to him, you can easily understand that he is not your run of the mill, high school dropout ‘tuner’. He is an intellectual guy who knows the technical side of stuff very well. 

I personally, cant utilize any other tuner, as I have seen my share of tuners from all over the world and no one comes close to him frankly."

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