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My Mitsubishi EVO9

Rice Racing Story - As Told by Charles

"My Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX is the 3rd project that I am working with Peter.

The previous set up on this car made decent power, with a Garrett 3584r turbo, running on stock Ecu. But after doing 2 other cars on Syvecs Ecu, calibrated by Peter, I was somehow losing interest in the Evo.

The main reason being that, Syvecs ecu makes the car unbelievably consistent, fast and reliable, from run to run, and I mean back to back to back 200+ kmh runs. I never have to worry about looking at any parameters constantly. When I was running the stock ecu, I always had this niggling thought that something may go wrong. It was never consistent.  With this setup, I have peace of mind that I am well taken care of, and I can focus on one thing that I like to do: DRIVE!

Best of all, the car behaves like a regular car, with all creature comforts, Aircon working perfectly, idles like a dream, and all vital indicators well within control.

So, I always suggest to people, doing big builds, not to skimp out on the one most important thing of the build: The Brain (and the programming of it!)"


100kph to 200kph in 5.658 seconds, normal gear shifting,

V's Stock in 14.9 seconds (see bottom reference)

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Syvecs electronics integration (when only the best will do)

First 'base line' run to compare to stock car

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