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My Spirit R Type A

Rice Racing Story - As Told by Charles

“My RX-7 Spirit R Type A, has been bone stock for a long time after I got it in 2009. Back in 2016, I decided to bite the bullet and mod it. I did some basic bolt-ons, exhaust, intake, SMIC, fuel pump, injectors, Power FC etc. I heard about Peter through a friend of mine, who has the only other RX7 in the country. When I saw how he went through the process of tuning with Peter, I immediately knew how meticulous he was with the whole process. So, I entrusted my car to him, and he tuned the car to an amazing 321whp on dynapack dyno, on stock twins. 

Naturally, I wanted more! So, I asked Peter for advice on which way to go for the single turbo conversion. He guided me towards Liferacing F88 ecu and that was a life changing event for my car(s) and also for me.

With Peter’s Suggestion on ignition (M&W CDI), water injection and all other mods, my car is now a BEAST on the streets. I have 630whp Evo, R35, R34 and nothing comes close to the feeling I get from this RX-7 and how it drives now. I am driving with 32psi boost, day in and day out. No excuses.

Can’t thank Peter enough for how he guided me and enabled me to build an unbelievable setup on my RX-7. His knowledge and concept about tuning is unparalleled. That is the reason why I am now entrusting him with tuning all my other cars as well.All this was done remotely, from half way across the world, too!

The video speaks a lot more than mere words. Huge achievement in the rotary world, I would say."

Update KENTS!

100kph to 200kph in 5.670 seconds (3 back to back to back tests in 33deg C)

click kent

90kph to 140kph in 1.876 seconds

Back to Back to Back!

Click for Larger Image Click for Larger Image

WARNING: No bullshit hype 'push off the dyno' Arsebook claimed 'world records',

real world FACTS presented below.


Pictures Click to View

Ferrari F40 reference, another road going RX7 'true street car' not pushed off dyno unlike some other pretenders, don't be Green with envy on ARSEBOOK, Get On It.

v's stock RX7

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