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My Spirit R Type A

Rice Racing Story - As Told by Customer

"I originally took my pride and joy to Pete as there was too much bias in which workshop 
was the best and who would rip you off and all the usual stuff. I was getting spurious
knock sensor reading and was worried about my Rotor becoming another sob story.

Pete tackled this problem very methodically and thoroughly and after a full road re-tune
we determined it was drive line not internals.

Went to the workshop and was very impressed and reassured that my car was in safe hands.

I have had a number of small existing niggles with my car resolved easily here and
won't be taking it anywhere else.

The proof of Pete's knowledge of the PowerFC is in the driving, I went from 180 RWkW
to over 232.1 RWkW (shitout mode) by changing sparkplugs and using a superior tune
made for my car at Canberra altitute."

I trusted Pete enough to take my car to the next level, and he has designed and
re-tuned my car to be still 100% road legal this tune was very successful.
Power is now 271 RWKW @ 18.5 psi (shitout mode), *more like 250rwkw real world mode*
RICE RACING is something of a pioneer and with my car I am very happy with the results.
These Before and After Dyno Graphs speak for themselves.
Click for Larger Image
Click for Larger Image

The Ultimate test of Trust I encouraged Pete to dial in my settings
at full race pace at Wakefield Park. As you can see here.

Pictures of Customer Car

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