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My Series VI

Rice Racing Story - As Told by Customer

"I had learnt quite a few points from my previous rotor, a series 5 RX7. 
I wanted my current series 6 RX7 to have more power but I wanted to retain the 
drivability as it was intended from Mazda. The Apexi PFC was the obvious choice 
to me because it's model specific and its plug and play abilities. To make the 
most out of the PFC and a HKS CDI I needed a tuner who was experienced with rotors
and would take the time to tune the full map not just peak torque areas which 
I have personally seen so many other tuners do. Peter from Rice Racing was at 
the top of my list from previous experiences with my Autronic equipped series 5

I found him to be very knowledgeable and helpful. It was worth the effort to organise
for him to come up to Queensland and tune my FD and 2 others. I was allowed to watch
the tuning process and Rice was helpful with any questions I had. 

I requested a conservative tune which wouldn't run me in to any trouble at the track.  
Pete managed a healthy 300rwhp out of my RX7 running the stock twin turbo's on 10psi. 
353rwhp was reached but stock fuel injectors were running 100% duty cycle. 
The end result is an FD which brings a big grin every time I drive it. 
The PFC combined with Pete's tuning gave me the power I was looking for while not 
affecting the drivability, in fact bettering it over factory 
(that is smoother idle, better 2ndary turbo transition, no more 3000rpm hesitation,
cooler running engine, better power delivery and more power!!!)."

Pictures of Customer Car

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