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10.50 seconds @ 135mph on 18psi boost with STOCK MOUNT INTER COOLER *CLICK* to see proof
^ 1997 (this is pre expert internet forum google wiki you tube current brainless generation < the same ones who will today tell you this is not possible without extra studs/dowels/unbreakable apex seals!!!!!!)
***If you watch the boost gauge carefully in the above video runs you can see it never goes above 20psi as per the multiple magazine articles over the life of this car***
NOTE: No extra dowels or replacement through bolts required ! (Full technical Article below showing immense inherent strength in100% stock std 13B-REW ALL STREET PORT no BS bridge port required)
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Apex seals, want to know what works? *leave the bendy banana types to Mr Dodgy Hobo Monkey Magic oil lube chrome sticker racing!*

^ Daily driven 478+rwhp  RR 13B with TO4S Turbocharger and 18.3psi boost pressure

Here is a comparison graph of a stock ported 13B-REW running 1.1bar boost on a HKS T51 SPL turbocharger, note the increase in RPM and power offered by the RR porting


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