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Want real WI knowledge?


Since 1997 RICE RACING has been the leader in water injection

development, born from facts, not the internet, not out of a

book. Just hard work and actual testing plus development,

copied the world over and looked too for the next technological

steps we will continue to dominate this field, past present and

well into the future!

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FORGET about "drug cheating (Power in a can)" E85, C16, or AVGAS!
WATER INJECTION .............
No Blocked injectors (proven E85 nightmare)
No Special Race Fuels required, Water Injection is superior, easier and FREE
No Multiple rebuilds due to consistent fuel related engine blow ups
No MAD MAX carrying fuel drums
RR water injection : E-Mail > peter@riceracing.com.au



^ 478+rwhp! on 18.3psi (1.3kg/cm^2) boost pressure, from daily driven
13B with T04S turbo charger
RICE factory car, running this power since 1997
The "TRUE" Pioneer and technological leader of reliable real rotary
powered super car performance

^ 550+rwhp 24psi  RR water injected 13B ANIMAL street car!

^ true 100% PUMP FUEL street car 
JSR Race Engines on the power of RR Water Injection
NOTE: TO this day, Still the ONLY ever 13B powered car to make this power and not be pushed off t
he dyno with a blown engine unlike Mazwrecks!

Jake Sanderson(Owner) Wrote:
"I have to say straight up that my initial goal a few years ago was to have a good reliable 320rwkw
(around 430rwhp) running on straight pump
fuel. I ran around for years on 250rwkw(335rwhp) and the car was very fast in the little Capella.
Then the insane power bug bit, and I completely re-engineered the whole engine bay. Just prior to the
good engine going in, I experimented on some engines that I screwed together using parts I had lying
around to see how it all would go on pump fuel and higher boost (very low boost in hindsight ) I
found quite quickly that they would detonate and die at the high power the engine wanted to put out
on 20PSI++.
I built myself a sweet half-bridge Cosmo RE engine using Mazda apex seals, new turbo and fuel system,
and fitted a manual trans (had an auto box in in for drags). At about this time, a local guy had a
standard S5 13b turbo engine running a TO4 that Pete (Rice Racing) had put his WI on and tuned. I
watched the car at several local dyno days running 26psi on pump fuel and loving it!! I knew instantly
that this was what I needed to have.
I went and saw Pete at Rice Racing about his water injection, bought one of his nozzles, and installed
WI to the car. I then picked him up one night in the Mazda and drove around doing a full road tune on
22 psi from scratch. I chucked the car on the dyno later that week for a power readout and it made
431rwkw (578rwhp).
After driving the car with an 18psi spring in the wastegate (minimum boost) for several thousand
kilometres of abuse - I found that the Mazda steel apex seals showed bad signs of stress I.e chamfered
leading edge and gradual loss of compression. I then chucked some Rice Racing apex seals in it and
haven’t had a problem since. (many thousands of kilometres, many top speed runs, 50++ dyno
runs, 18psi lowest boost setting which is around 390rwkw or around 520rwhp)
I did some road tuning with Rice on New Year’s Day this year before a car show/dyno comp. It was
a 38 degree C (100 degree Fahrenheit) day and we ran the car to 27psi boost many many times
without issue. God only knows what power it was making!! (had some super sticky tyres on
it and the road was very hot so I had a suprising amount of traction)
I have only ever dynoed the car on around 24psi and I think that’s all I’ll ever run on the dyno
- it already got waaaay too much power - it makes more power than I wanted to make with a
20b turbo that I was considering putting in the car.
Any other more specific details I will leave out. I don’t normally post my shit on the
internet, but since someone has done it anyway, I thought it best to tell the story, as well as
extend my thanks to Pete at Rice Racing - without his tuning, water injection, and knowledge, this
achievement wouldn’t be possible.
I can’t even begin to explain how this thing feels on the road. If I stand on the throttle on low boost
(18psi) at any speed under 180kph (110mph), it leaves two black lines. I had a car full of people in
it and ran 24psi and the gearbox literally exploded just bringing it on to boost.

588 rwhp from Summernats ROTARY WINNER/RECORD SETTER

(on last of 3 back to back runs!)

Power stays same or goes up on my RR Water Injected cars, it does not drop off
*Competition & Real World Proven* This car does 410RWKW (35 degree Summer day!) on my VBOX3
analysis, and
out accelerates a Pagani Zonda!!! all on 98 Octane RON Australian rating (= 87 MON rating) pump fuel
 2 bar gauge boost levels on ordinary pump fuel) ***ALL THANKS TO RR VBOX ANALYSIS***
Absolute stunning level of speed! and this car still runs to this day! unlike many dyno whores that
destroy themselves and require a tow truck or trailer
to take them home again............


A few comments regarding my build and assistance from Don Mega

(sent via email to RR 2014/2015, saying thanks!)

NOTE: seeking RR tried and proven consultancy to make his care PERFECT and the BEST! READ ON!
Matt(Owner) Wrote:
"I have been in the Rotary scene since a teenager in the early 90's and have owned several
cars and configs. I purchased my first FD 2001 S8 "Type R" FD RX7 several years ago with
one goal in mind, to build a super fast, fun, streetable race car. I wanted the ability to drive
my car daily, run 1/4 miles after work and something which would take abuse time and time
again and come back for more! First plan of attack was to race the car in stock standard to
get a base, from memory I realed off a 13.4 1/4mile time, great. time for mods.....
Intake, Computer, Exhaust (Will not bother going into detail of making the mistake of visiting several
Sydney workshops for tuning advice and dyno time, which never had the car running "right")
In comes Rice aka Don Mega with the tuning advice I NEEDED, I managed to dip into the 12.4 zone.
COOL, but time to chase some power.....
With Rice assisting my build I opted for a Single Turbo Conversion + a RR Water Injection kit,
the setup consisted of: RICE RACING Manifold, Precision 6266 1.0A/R, twin wastegates, small
FMIC, Sard Fuel Pump, HKS Twin Power and other required accessories......the car at this stage
is still on the COMPLETELY standard unopened block with approx 120,000KMS.....once we dialed
in the tune and WI on Pump, all I can say is WOW, the car was SERIOUSLY quick.
I put thousands more KMS on the car at 24PSI which was all I can describe as INSANE, with the entire
setup dialed in, nothing could touch it on the street. you know how people always say
"its time to chase more power....."
I never felt that, I could simply wind boost in and would have 500 odd HP on tap at any given time,
daily driven ! hot or cold weather, it didn't matter, I was wheel spinning past mini tubbed V8s !
Unfortunately against RICE BABYS advice, I was using a cheap chinese WI tank (nothing to do with the RR kit!)  
from the States (will remain nameless) e.g. Chinese Junk.....after thousands and thousands of KMS
of abuse (20,000+) unfortunately this tank failed which was during my first 1/4 mile run on this setup...
I still managed to run an 11.9 with plenty of wheel spin, on street tyres, 22PSI and the motor lunching
itself at around the 350MTR mark. 
I have since built the motor with Rice again, going above and beyond to help me source parts and anything
else I required, I have yet to race but I can assure you, the car is putting down more power and I have some
sticky rubber to show everyone the power of WATER INJECTION and PUMP FUEL ! no poofter juice required !
My cars current setup:
13BT - Self built, Mild Port.
Precision 6266 1.0A/R 
eBoost2 (14psi, 20psi, 25psi tunes)
RR Water Injection, running 50/50 Water Meth
HKS Twin Power
Small FMIC
Kenne Bell (Boost-a-Pump)
Sard Fuel Pump
I.D Injector all round
For such a simple setup and all done on pump fuel all I can say is this car has impressed me beyond belief,
there is no doubt in my mind what so ever that had the chinese junk WI tank not failed,
the stock unopened block would of lasted for thousands of more kms of abuse (as mentioned it did 20,000+
all on 98 pump fuel and WI, 24PSI).... this thing was driven HARD, all day every day.
it would not give up no matter what I threw at it, weather it was 3rd gear standstill dumps and spinning the
wheels 400+ Meters up the road, to top speed pulls (check my youtube video to see how
quick 3rd gear would wind the tacho around to the other side !), it did it ALL".


You too can Get On It! no more excuses..... like "Its too hot bro" OR "No C16 bro OR no E85 bro!" 


V's E85 blow up of the decade! Need a Tow TRUCK? (LISTEN TO IT BLOW UP OVER THE LINE)
Cant even pass a car in one lap without blowing up, E85 = FAIL!


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