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VBOX 3i - Testing and Tuning Services

< you too will be happy after a full VBOX analysis by the master :)

Have a look at the customer list (Honda, Renault, Toyota, and Ferrari F1 departments use VBOX), you will even see RR listed there !

Testing method & equipment: NO HYPE! (sample customer tests at bottom of this page)

Rice Racing developed analysis is the Don!, and goes back to first principles of elementary vehicular dynamics & mechanical engineering (< there is no fudge factors here, CLICK on links to see so formula development **ALL Rice Racing numbers match REALITY***).

Each car is checked for basic mass with our Tanner high precision wireless corner scale system, then a series of tests are done on your specific vehicle to determine the actual Cd (drag coefficient) and f (tire rolling resistance coefficient) via the ultra high accuracy Race Logic VBOX3i and IMU data. From there RR developed formula are used to determine the exact driving power or wheel power your car has in reality, in real time, as you drive it! There is no other more factual/relevant testing that can be applied. Anyone can go test in an artificial environment and give you a guess of what the car (via artificial environment testing) has, but very few people have the equipment or the expertise to give you a comprehensive "actual" vehicular analysis as Rice Racing can.

I measure handling dynamics of vehicles as well (acceleration in X,Y,Z axis along with Vehicle PITCH, ROLL and YAW) for those who want to quantify handling traits or fundamentals of weight transfer etc, other variables such as ACTUAL wheel slip percentage to determine drive efficiency and grip levels are all recorded *for applicable vehicles* < Great for mapping of variable boost controllers or traction control units or even checking function of differentials effect on acceleration. The same can be applied to braking efficiency (distribution or ABS function).You can be assured when you come to me your car will be fully analyzed and professionally tweaked to it's maximum potential.

Other testing options are available on request and for a small nominal fee, custom tests or analysis can be carried out.
1/4 mile or circuit track racing analysis to name but 2 popular applications  (gearing optimization & even identifying driving faults)
Example real power analysis & boost response:
VBOX Power plot, not a guess machine rwhp figure that does not match reality!

VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON variability of INACCURATE Drag Racing Time slips !

Should the owner of one of these world class meters want to compare its performance against the backwards ghetto equipment used at drag strips, he or she will need to deal with "roll out," which is the distance a vehicle can move before triggering the archaic backwards timing light system.

A little drag-strip primer: As a car creeps toward the two light beams of the starting area, its front tire will eventually block the first beam and trigger a "pre stage" warning. This informs the driver that the official starting line, where the "stage beam" shines across the track, is only seven inches ahead. When the front tire triggers that second beam, the vehicle is properly staged for a run. However, the vehicle's position can still vary by well over a foot while its front tires are blocking the stage beam. This is critical, because the drag-strip clock does not start until the second light, or stage beam, is uncovered. It is this distance that is the critical roll out.

The length of the roll out depends on the diameter of the tire and where the driver chooses to position the car at the start. Although the roll out distance is typically only a foot or so of a quarter-mile, it can affect the elapsed time by as much as 0.3 second, and to the serious gear head, that's an eternity. Therefore, we needed to make sure every run in our test started at precisely the same point because of that 0.3-second issue.
 Also, a car accelerates to 3 mph in about 12 inches!



VERY IMPORTANT QUALIFICATION: IF you do not have full traction (very high powered car, wet surface, front wheel driven or under tired) then you will struggle to reach the correct speed in the first 100m of a 400m test (old school 1/4 mile!) this WILL ! reduce your ability to reach your ultimate velocity as can be used below to guess your power output! Shortfalls in the order of 3mph to 5mph are not uncommon. ***IF Traction limited then a more appropriate measure is one that eliminates low speed grip limitation, such as the Rice Racing 90kmh-140kmh 3rd gear test OR common comparable 100kmh to 200kmh acceleration incremental measure.

ET = (weight/hp)^0.2574 x 7.3571 & mph = (hp/weight)^0.3018 x 215.39 & hp = weight/(ET / 7.3571)^3.8850 are great formula to use for street cars, you can work out to very close actual engine power if you know the weight of your car (pounds) as run. http://www.stealth316.com/2-calc-hp-et-mph.htm and you will see a raft of road cars tested to confirm LRT formula here http://www.stealth316.com/misc/performance_lrt2.xls  NOTE: Weight must be TOTAL RUN WEIGHT, not estimated but rather measured.

90-140kph times and details
RX7's in various specifications (Fastest to Slowest)


This test is the DON! ~4500rpm to ~8000rpm in 3rd gear only! It shows who is quick, and who is dreaming, this RR pioneered ultimate test standard for true road going rockets, no dyno whores or 10 second blow up machines need apply.
(forget drop kick run computer geek FORUMS! this is where the real knowledge and testing is!)
RICESP  (#1 The Don!)
Mods:  T04Z @ ~30psi, Stock SP Intercooler, RR CDI, SMB, RRWEP140 Water Injected.
Time: 1.91 seconds  NEW RECORD
^ = 356rwkw VBOX

Mods: T04Z 17.5psi, HKS V Mount, CDI, SMB, screamer pipe, tow truck special.
Time: 2.99 seconds V-BOX REPORT
^ = 278rwkw VBOX

http://www.riceracing.com.au/rides/SeriesVIII_SpiritR.htm (Track time and more detail)
Mods: RF420 19.5psi, Parallel Turbo, upgrade SMIC, CDI, FULL SMB Exhaust
Time: 3.21 seconds V-BOX REPORT
^ = 257rwkw VBOX
Time: 3.52 seconds
^ = 237rwkw VBOX
Time: 3.73 seconds
^ = 212rwkw VBOX

Mods: GCG T28's 17.5psi, FMIC, Parallel Turbo
Time: 3.45 seconds V-BOX REPORT

Mods: FLUFFY DICE, CDI, 16psi, Knight Sports V mount, uprated fuel pressure
Time: 3.64 seconds

Mods:BPU, SMIC, 13.5psi, SMB
Time: 3.89 seconds

Mods:BPU, Stock IC, full exhaust, SMB muffler
Time: 3.90 seconds

Mods:BPU, Stock IC, 3.5" SMB, Greddy Profec B Spec 2 EBC, 11.6psi
Time: 3.90 seconds
^ = 188rwkw VBOX @ 11.6psi (one person only test, hence lower boost to keep equal)

Mods: Chilly Sauce, BPU, SMB, 13psi
Time: 3.91 seconds

ONE58 (Rob)
http://www.riceracing.com.au/rides/SeriesVIII_Rob.htm (this link show 1/4mile times, only difference is boost turned up to 1~1.05bar)
^ = 232.5rwkw on VBOX with 15psi boost
Mods: FMIC, BPU, SMB, 12.5psi, upgrade fuel pump and pressure regulator
Time: 3.94 seconds
^ = 215rwkw VBOX @ 12.5psi

Time: 4.11 seconds

Leo (FD3S)
Mods: SP IC, Zorst, 12 to 11.5psi.
Time: 4.28 seconds

Mods: BPU, Stock down pipe, CAT back exhaust.
Time: 4.49 seconds

Time: 4.58 seconds

Mods: STOCK ECU, Stock down pipe and scat, CANON.
Time: 5.37 seconds
Mods: RR tune and PFC *as above*
Time: 4.66 seconds

Mods: Mad pods! and gay exhaust with 10psi boost on stock scat equipped dump pipe and 20" rimz!!!
Time: 5.51 seconds

Other Reference cars
Mods: 13B Bridge Port T51 25~27psi boost!! (600+rwhp car, illustration of power band and effect on this crucial time 4700rpm to 8200rpm on this car, no wheel spin just pure illustration of power band and effect on this time in real world test.... You can have too big a turbo!)
Time: 3.40~3.60 seconds

Matt (stock standard Spirit R Type A) (4.3 diff)
Mods: NONE! (13.85 second @ 104.78mph RR V-BOX Recorded for 1/4 mile *no roll out* 600m altitude test)
0-100kph: 5.55 seconds (RR V-BOX tested)
Time: 5.06 Seconds (90 to 135kph! see report) V-BOX REPORT

STOCK Australian 1992 RX7 factory figures
0-100kph: 6.3 seconds
Standing 400m: 13.8 seconds
@ 100mph

^ great article showing back to back of 3 different tunes, correlates very well with all the types of cars I have tuned and have my own certified V-BOX data on....... you can compare from Matt's stock std Spirit R Type A through to ONE58 (Rob's) maximum effort BPU car (comes very close to stripped out race RX7!) in all area's. 60mph 1/4 time and mph (though PFS race car is about 150kg lighter! and uses slicks).

Ferrari F360 V's Mazda RX7 1/4 mile analysis on VBOX

First a run down of the cars.

Cars: Ferrari F360,& ONE58's (mild tune)
Power: 400bhp V's 380bhp (RR estimated off VBOX power recording)
Weight (Kerb *less driver*): 1450kg V's 1270kg
Gearing: Ref VBOX test to speed (both cars geared equally in first 4 gears)

Claimed performance for F360 0-62mph (100kph) = 4.5 seconds
VBOX verified result (see below) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferrari_360#Performance

(ONE58's performance analysis by RR)
ONE58 (Rob)
http://www.riceracing.com.au/rides/SeriesVIII_Rob.htm (this link show 1/4mile times, only difference is boost turned up to 1~1.05bar)
^ = 232.5rwkw VBOX with 15psi boost
Mods: FMIC, BPU, SMB, 12.5psi, upgrade fuel pump and pressure regulator
Time: 3.94 seconds (90-140kph test)
^ = 215rwkw VBOX @ 12.5psi

Both cars tested on road with VBOX equipment and the results may surprise some

VBOX Test Results (no roll out applied for 1/4 mile test)
Ferrari F360 V's Mazda RX7
0-100kph: 4.61 s V's 4.21 s
0-160kph: 10.42 s V's 9.29 s
1/4 mile: 12.92 s V's 12.54 s
Velocity: 181.49kph V's 190.73 kph

So you can see just how great the rotary really is... nothing short of an amazing car when fine tuned to its full potential

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