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My Series VIII FD

PROVEN 12.20@117.58mph on STREET! 0-100kph in 4.21 seconds!

Rice Racing Story - As Told by Customer

"My car has been previously tuned a few times by a well known work shop in Brisbane. I was very happy
with the tune it as it ran 12.8 @ 114 mph down the quarter. I gave Pete the chance to tune my car
and the result was 12.1 @ 117.8mph! Enough said.

I was very impressed with the equipment he uses, the data out put of the VBox is amazing. Gives you
data on all aspect of the car and is great to compare back to back runs of you car or other vehicle's.
Its quite comprehensive and has made me realize how dynos are inferior in many ways.

The attention to detail Pete gives you really reassures you. Its not only his tune that differs from
other workshop, it is his willingness to give advice on any meaningful question and help anytime of
the week that that sets everything apart."

Pictures of Customer Car

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