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H20 or no go!

Rice Racing - Water Injection Don

For as long as there has been internal combustion limits in performance (brought about by fuel knock sensitivity) there have been various ideas on how to get around this octane limit. Before 1900 (by Benki in Hungary) then followed by Professor B Hopkins in 1913 water injection has been known as the final solution to reducing peak stress in engines while further allowing reliable maximum power to be achieved.

Syvecs link (by Rice Racing) Water Injection Doyen

RR has been at the forefront of this technology since the mid 1990's, brought on by necessity of needing to make the worst engine on earth work (turbo rotary). There is an old saying that goes in the engineering world something like "You only see around you things that work" and this is why unless its a Rice Racing Engineered Rotary (or Piston) Turbo you just do not see any simply because they don't work in reality. Same applies to any other form of internal combustion engines, you simply don't see reliable and durable high output engines unless they are water injection based.


V's typical meth E85 user results below LOL !

Leave the blow ups to dirty meth junkies like above, this is what happens when you pay to play educate yourself off Arsebook or get a token 5 day certification piece of toilet paper 'qualifying' you to be an over night engine/tuna expert LOL........ We have a dedicated page where its based on fact not fiction > WATER INJECTION

This shows in more detail real world examples, while others talk shit on Arsebook and blog their way on their pay to play so called knowledge sites we have been making cars that work for over 3 decades, many have copied our knowledge along the way and the one good thing about this is its made water injection more known among simpletons.

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