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CLOWN says "Must be Ve based, get with the 21st century !"

Rice Racing - LGBTIQA+ ECU choices

These lies ('pay to play' 3 day certificate knowledge) perpetuated over 'social media' are more violating than Elton John brandishing a box full of well used dildos. I will 'come out' and say this right now, you are a faggot loving retard if you chose to compare your A grade fucking shit box ECU to something that is actually good.  As Dr Lexus famously said below ......

Why you should not pick Fake V Real ECU's:

Tuned by AIDZ said "its False knock/detonation bro" < How many times have we heard this from shit kuntz on YouTube or Arsebook ? mate you cant trust XYZ knock system as its obviously reporting false knock no way bro it can be real cause we have more ethanol than Sam Smith has semen going through his body. HINT: stop using MoWreC 'race retarded' or the absolute plethora of other wannabe 'hobby motorsports' pretenders offerings

***That is your problem*** as graphically seen below with "False Knock" being ignored...............  LOL

 You have been warned ! trust these clowns at your own risk.

Ve model is what everyone uses these days:

Ummmm no its not ! you belong in a mental institution if you think that this bullshit claim/statement is anything other than that.

I will put it to you this way, why would you want to do multiple GUESSES upon guesses to come up with some arbitrary numbers when you have not a single idea of the things that you are being forced to type into your davo dinkum toy crap box of an ECU ? why cause some flog with a microphone interviewed some clown who races at a 'high level' common man !



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