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You can train a Monkey, you cant teach one

Rice Racing - Tuna? Fact V Fiction = Engineering

This is a good one :) So where do we start in the age of Arsebook and daily posts by clowns to make a profit? or some other who blogs away hourly/daily/weekly who has not one grey hair on his head yet he knows everything? Way WAY! too much of this out there these days and the really sad reality is it is only getting worse. but enough of the foreplay, lets get into it.

We have all seen the sites, or had the misfortune to speak to the oxygen thief who 'can do anything' they abound a plenty, working on a plethora of platforms and doing all of them poorly. There are more of these than I care to mention, however one thing is constant, they will all guess and hype their way through with you being the poor deluded sole who believed them to spec and tune your car.

Products pushed will typically be the ones they get the largest kick back on promoting or the ones that are easiest to extort money out of the victim from with least effort. They generally don't have the mental capacity nor the morality to do what is best for anyone else other than themselves. And this fact mostly shows up in the laughable parts/advice/results and outcomes delivered. Years later when you want support or otherwise you are more than likely to see the product has been made redundant many times over and no longer supported let alone if ever it was capable (prob perfect match for the peddlers of it though).

To use a true professional motorsports derived electronics you need to only think of names like Syvecs and Life Racing, outside of these two then its either 'hobby spec' or over hyped/priced. We have been through all of this in the last 1/4 of a century, seen it all used them all, worked for the biggest names in motorsports ECU supply. I can tell you first hand that I only recommend these two because its what I chose to use myself, money no object. Every single person with a brain I have ever come across at any level agrees after using one, why? simple, the products and people behind it are as good as it gets.

Now onto the main points, to be good you need to do just one thing and that is all we do, to be competent you need the proper education and ability, this is not something gained on a pay to play internet education and token cornflakes packet certification. That being said, look for references look for caliber of cars and works undertaken. We apply mechanical engineering to all we do why, cause its not Googlekunt, we actually went to school and got qualified in the relevant disciplines. But that gives a basis to further learn in the relevant field/s and its application is ongoing, it takes decades and 1000's of calibrations to be at an acceptable level to show let alone claim you know what you are doing.

And below you will see one of my bespoke tools for the job of doing basics of fuel mapping. This you wont learn anywhere else, you can guess and stumble your way through or you can take on a whole project as we do on regular basis and make it work from nothing/zero/zilch. Setting up everything from hardware to software (every aspect of power train control) to in the end having a perfect running package better than the factory mass production can ever manage yet with proven three (or more) times the power density and matching factor of performance improvements, and all with enviable levels of durability.

If you want the best, then forget the rest :)

Some examples of calibration standards

If it looks bad it is bad, here is a car that came to us, similar story looked around, tried many others was promised the world and got delivered an Atlas.

V proper looking and functioning base fuel map

Here is just one of the bespoke tools (old version) we use to set up a cars calibration, quick, easy, accurate, and unrivaled.

Pictures Click to View

Video of doing initial set up on a car never seen before, quickly set up and calibrated to a very high tolerance, the Rice Racing way, the proper way.

Making each cylinder the best it can be, this is a true cylinder balance being conducted. Keep in mind this technique was pioneered by people much smarter than myself over 80 years ago, same techniques same instruments, just no fancy computers back then that is all.


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